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IOS Software Solutions – Bitdefender Gold Partner

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security
Full Protection for desktops, servers and mobile devices, a security and antispam solution for Exchange email managed through a single console.
No more infestations with dangerous programs and reducing the systems performance with the awarded solution for protection and performance at independent tests.
Use a single unified console for administrating the optimised protection for desktops and servers, virtual and physical machines, mobile devices and e-mail.
Protect your business from all threats and attack vectors with the firewall function, intrusions detection, device control and web filtration.

GravityZone Full Disk Encryption
GravityZone FDE protects data for the whole stations hard disk, using the mechanisms of encryption provided by Windows (BitLocker) si Mac (FileVault). It takes advantage of native encryption of devices for assuring full compatibility and maximised performance. GZ FDE is integrated in the console and also the GravityZone agent, this doesn’t require the configuring of an additional agent or installation of a key admin server. Using the existent security infrastructure of work stations for administrating the characteristics of Full Disk Encryption permits a fully centralised configuration, with a minimum administrative effort.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security
Higher protection without reducing the operating speed. The demonstrated protection and performance of Bitdefender helps you to minimise the risk of a security problem that affects your business or reduces the operating speed of your employees systems. Protect your company in just a few minutes and gain real time control and information about security through the online control panel of Control Center, which can be hosted by Bitdefender or by your organisation.

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