March 28, 2018

Cisco Spark

Space to create, share, and get work done together.
Always available. Cisco secure.


Wow someone.

Presenting perfect… Cisco Spark Board for sharing, touch-screen drawing, and video conferencing. No cables, no compatibility stuff. Just cloud.


You grow, we grow.

Start free with the app. Invite people and add your tools. Then go pro — buy a plan that integrates your calendar and directory. Conferencing rooms? Phone system? Yes. Expand your business. Add to your service.




Video everywhere. Screen share anything.


The Cisco Spark app on your phone is your passport to being anywhere in the world instantly. Start a meeting from your smartphone, desk, room system, or Cisco Spark Board.
A lot gets done in spontaneous hallway conversations. Now you can fire one up from anywhere with one tap. Or pull people together more formally with scheduled meetings.
Meeting from your smartphone? Your Cisco Spark app gets the picture. As soon as you arrive in your video conferencing room, swipe and your meeting moves to the big screen without interruption. One swipe and it’s back on your phone. All your devices are connected to the cloud.



Less time caught up in email. More time making things happen.

Cisco Spark always-on messaging means you never miss a thing. We make it easy to share or find information, ask questions, and make decisions quickly.


It’s all connected in the cloud. And it’s all secure.

Your messages and files are right there in the same space where you start your meetings. Your drawings too. Stay organised with a space for every project or conversation — as many spaces as you need.


And it’s open.

We know you use lots of apps, so we keep Cisco Spark open, working with many developers to give you access to integrations and bots.



Reach anyone. Right now.


Go cloud all the way. New phone system. New phones.

A Cisco Spark cloud-based phone system connects your work spaces and your calling — giving you more control. Add a new Cisco IP phone to every desk.


The people you need are a tap away.

Call from any device in the same space where your meetings, files, and conversations live. Your contact list and call history are synced across your devices. Your voicemail is accessible from anywhere.


Cisco Spark Board.

A touch-based, all-in-one collaboration device.

All-in-one device.

Showcase your work.
Share presentations, documents, and whiteboard drawings in stunning 4K UHD.

Create together.

Sketch your vision right on the screen. Your team watches it take  shape from their own devices. Even annotate on shared content: Someone jumps in and adds color.



Draw. Whiteboard. Edit.

Draw right on the Cisco Spark Board touchscreen,  or use the pen.



Save and share.

It’s all saved instantly to your Cisco Spark space.


Work with your team, whether you’re together or apart.

Start an HD video or voice call as soon as you walk into the room, with best-in-class conferencing.

Slender profile. But 55 or 70 inches wide.
Crystal-clear audio adjusts to the speaker.


Cut the clutter.

Your elegant Cisco Spark Board replaces your conference rooms’ presentation and video screens, whiteboards, phones, cameras, microphones… and all those cables.



All your work in one place.

Cisco Spark brings your teams together and makes it easy to keep people and work connected. Securely send messages, share files, and meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Keep Cisco Spark for Mac or Windows running at your desk. Drag and drop files right into the conversation, answer a call, or share your screen during a video call. 

Use Cisco Spark for Web anywhere you can open a browser.

No install required. You’ll get the best of Cisco Spark — even video calling!Download Cisco Spark on your phone and tablet and stay connected from planes, trains, or cafes.

Jump into a video call and view shared screens from wherever you are.


It all starts right here — with the Cisco Spark app. Cisco Spark is how you stay in touch across all your devices, so you can be part of the conversation from wherever you are.

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